Grain Free - Sugar Free eating

Eating right never tasted so good!


Congratulations for taking the first step towards health and wholeness!

You have several health goals in mind and we want to help you accomplish those goals. The staff at The Balsam Institute for Healing is here to give you guidance to kick bad habits and form new, healthy habits that will help your body heal.  Additionally, your practitioner may suggest supplements, specific lifestyle modifications, or other items to facilitate your healing process. 

This diet, among other things, relieves inflammation, kills yeast, facilitates detoxification and rests the gut so it can begin to repair itself.  These foods are also designed to boost your immune system by raising your stomach acid and giving your body things it needs that it has likely gone without for quite some time.   In addition, the benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna and adaptive EWOT will further complement the hard work you are doing at home and speed up your healing process.

Over time, your tastes buds will change and you will enjoy more foods with less cravings for sugars and grains.  You will find that you feel better after eating, are sleeping better and are starting to thrive again in the way you were designed to.

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