EWOT & Sauna

We are excited the EWOT and Sauna therapies are so popular!!  We enjoy hearing the stories of healing and how the therapies are bringing an end to chronic illness.  

To make things work more smoothly we have made some changes:

Please note there are two stations in the EWOT and Sauna rooms:

The EAST and WEST stations.

The East EWOT station corresponds with the the east sauna station.  As the west EWOT and Sauna correspond.  If you have a favorite equipment or sauna you like to use, please schedule accordingly with the front desk.  

Please note, scheduling is tight.  We ask patients be courteous to the next guest and limit their sauna time to 15 minutes.  

Remember, the sauna is 4 times more effective at eliminating toxins when used after the EWOT.  Therefore, 15 minutes is equivalent to spending an hour observing standard sauna protocol.

Following The Balsam Institute for Healing's EWOT and Sauna protocol is the best use of your time.  This protocol allows smoother scheduling for all members.   The Balsam Institute for Healing greatly values everyone's time. 

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