Healing Foods List


Make sure your diet contains many colorful vegetables daily.  Try to get a vegetable from each color group every day.

Healthy Fats

Consume a generous portion of a healthy fat with each meal.  Don't be afraid to eat healthy fats.  Our brain and nervous system need fat to function well.  Plus, fat is our bodies preferred fuel source.  


Preferably pasture/grass-fed, no added nitrites or nitrates, non-GMO and no antibiotics.  Organic is a plus. Wild-caught seafood is best.   The smaller the fish, the less chance of mercury contamination


The following fruits will have a lower sugar content.  
You may eat 2 servings of fruit from this list per week.  (serving = ½ cup berries or 1 apple)
NO dried fruits.  NO fruit juices

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are an excellent way to get healthy fats and nutrtion.  Try to incorporate a variety of nuts and seeds into your diet.

Sweeteners, Milk, Baking Substitutions, Herbs & Spices, Eggs & Cheese.

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